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Are you tired of poor auto detailing work? Does nothing seem to give your car the shine you want? If so, then you have got to try Omega Shine today! The entire Omega Shine product line will leave you so speechless and awed that you will want to use Omega Shine every time you clean your car!


Our products will work on the interior and exterior of your car and any place you can imagine. From your hood and tires, to your dashboard and steering wheel, Omega Shine has products for just about any use! 


Omega Shine’s Products

Omega Shine has products for all of your auto detailing and cleaning needs. Check out some of Omega Shine’s state-of-the-art products including: 

  • Shining solutions
  • Waxes & rinses
  • Soaps
  • Fragrances
  • And much more!


We also have cleaning solutions and products for your home! For more information about our products, please check out our store below for more info! Or contact us today to learn more! 

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For Additional info - 214-680-5178



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